Landscape Supply

Please contact our Supply Manager, Jeff at or  780-995-3145.
You may also contact our Calgary Supply number at (587) 320-3284.

Edmonton Exclusive Service


Sod $0.55/sq. ft.

Soil, Sand and Clay

Screened Topsoil $10/yard
Screened Topsoil (Nisku Yard) $15/yard
Unscreened  Topsoil $5/yard
Fill Sand $20/yard
Garden Mix $40/yard
Clay $20/yard


Foothills Premium Mulch $50/yard


5 mm Rock Chip $45/yard
3/4″ Road Crush $50/yard
3/4″ Washed Rock $70/yard
3/8″ minus Limestone $120/yard
3/4″ Limestone $125/yard
1.25″ Limestone $125/yard
1.5-2.5″ Limestone $125/yard


5 oz Landscape Fabric (250′ x 6′ roll) $350
5 oz Landscape Fabric (per sq. ft.) 0.30/sq. ft.
Edging Might Diamond (20′ lengths) $18
No Dig Edger (40′ roll) $45
Edge Pro 8′ Paver Edging $20
8″ stakes $0.50/each or $100 for 250
Fabric Staples $0.12 each
Single Axle Dump Truck  $70/hr
Tandem Dump Truck  $100/hr
End Dump  $120/hr
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